They not scared to do it. They want to do it. Paul Goldschmidt hit a two run homer in the first inning and Brandon Drury added a pinch hit, three run shot in the seventh.. Deep in the bowels of the 15 year old stadium, next to a batting cage, Memphis baseball championships are painted on the wall. This is the only place you’ll see any indication the franchise has two Pacific Coast League titles (2000 and 2009) to its credit. The red Pujols Seat remains now a solitary chair on the rightfield bluff, just inside the foul pole where Albert Pujols’s championship winning home run landed on September 15, 2000.

If so, they were dead wrong. Three days later Brezhnev was dead. Confused communist officials waited until the next day to release the news, and only much later did the public learn from the memoirs of another leader that Brezhnev had been suffering from a prolonged illness.

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In the end, John McCain simply wanted what was best for his country. Senator, whose most recent indelible mark was made with the silent downturn of his thumb on the Senate floor to signal his refusal to help repeal the Affordable Care Act, has died. He was 81 and had been battling brain cancer..

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