The second album from Disclosure sees an array of collaborations from the likes of The Weeknd, Kwabs and Lion Babe. However artists such as Lorde who collaborates on track Magnets is a standout point of the album her subtle yet vulnerable vocals fit perfectly against the beat. Gregory Porter gets the recognition he rightly deserves bringing his smooth vocals to Holding On and cheap jerseys taking the track to another level.

I generally have a lot of stationary at home and relish in the process of going to a local store to buy a quirky card for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, get well soon days, just because days. However, I find myself sheltering in place, uncharacteristically, with nary a card to spare. My usual go to places are closed or only offering curbside pick up, and what’s the fun of spending $5 on a card if I can’t rifle through the entire rack laughing at all the punny jokes and marveling at the artwork?.

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Probiotics seem to be everywhere. These microorganisms, which multiply in the gut and balance out bad bacteria, are now added to cold brew coffee, kale chips, nut butters, frozen burritos, and even bottled water. Sales of probiotic supplements, meanwhile, hit $1.7 billion last year and are projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2018.

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