Overlooking the fact that Stallard’s pistol and her concealed carry permit wouldn’t have been any good in Orlando even in Florida, you can’t carry in a bar the gay gun supporters might have a point. Self defense is important. However, they have yet to identify more than a single incident in which an LGBT person used a gun to defuse a homophobic attack..

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There are always other options: delivery, ready meals, home cooking, etc. My guess is that many of us may gravitate to those other options leaving restaurants behind. But the food segment itself will keep going and at the top level, good restaurants will survive because everyone likes a memorable meal every now and then..

On attention to detail: “That’s six to ten outs a year we save if we do it (his point 5) right. That’s 2/10th of a percent of our total outs during a baseball season.” Buck believes that the little things mean a lot in three ways. First, there is an absolute benefit to a baseball team in having six to ten fewer outs.

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