The Dolphins were right to back away from that price point as other teams have also done. The New York Jets, who desperately need a starting cornerback and not a slot but an outside corner to be able to field a defense, also are playing this cautiously. They also are interested, but they have not made an official offer because they don’t want to pay that freight..

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Before she turned to literary and arts writing, Laing was an environmental activist. (“We were dirty, we smelled of wood smoke, we slept in treehouses and washed in buckets,” she remembers in one essay here. “We wanted to protect the world, specifically forests, and so we put our bodies in the way of machines.”) It follows that she would care most about art that is “concerned with resistance and repair,” and that she would become profoundly interested in how artists interact with the world: how they choose to, or need to, live their lives; how they deal with the social and political circumstances they were born into; how their work asks questions about what matters and what is supposed to.

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