Prince William Sound has one of the most underrated sea kayak trips in the region: an out and back to Decision Point, 9 miles each way. Rent kayaks at Epic Charters and follow the shoreline out to Decision Point’s breathtaking campground, which has bear boxes and cleared tent sites. On a clear day, you pass massive glaciers and soaring peaks just on the other side of the bay..

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By the turn of the century, some feminists and historians said they felt history had passed Schlafly by. Many of the changes contained in the ERA happened over time anyway. Her emotionally charged argument against the amendment included warnings that it would force women to serve in combat zones, cause unisex restrooms to proliferate and allow gays to marry..

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After originally joining the organization in 2011, Smith has worked his way up the coaching ladder under four different head coaches. He served as the tight ends coach for the last three and a half seasons.Smith and the Titans will look to quarterback Marcus Mariota to captain the offense in his fifth NFL season. The former second overall draft pick won 27 games as a starter from 2015 through 2018, which was the highest total by any quarterback in his first four seasons with the franchise since George Blanda (34 wins from 1960 63).In addition to losing their starting quarterback for a portion of 2018, the Tennessee Titans offense played the vast majority of the year without the aid of their top pass catchers from the previous two seasons.

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