As each day passes it appears Israel is willing to take the step to destroy Iran’s nuclear program. Some of the sites in Iran are hardened to the point it would take nuclear weapons to completely knock them out. But Israel seems willing to do whatever it takes to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon..

Has really challenged arts organizations to think outside the box and be creative, Perreault said. I think online is one way to interact with our audiences. Obviously that doesn replace the experience of going to the theater, but it provides access to more people who want to enjoy the films.

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Flea markets are next up on the price index. Now here, prices can vary from very fair to outrageous. Flea marketers have to pay a fee so this increases the expenses along with gas to get there and back. “Cassandra Buckley, our S coach, is doing a lot of work with us on Facebook live where we log in and do it with her. We have a lot of runs to do as well and we get it done no bother, but it hard to get it done yourself. You miss going into training and having the craic with the girls, but mostly I miss the competitiveness of the football field, you just don have that anywhere else..

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