The Background

FEISCO is the acronym for Far East Industry Supplies Co. , a sole-proprietoryship registered by Mr. Chan Kun Hong in 1974 when he was offered to represent Mosler International Inc. in Malaysia to promote sales of Mosler’s then state-of-the-art PG35 Photo Surveillance Camera System. Mr. Chan was then employed as Project Coordinator based in Kuala Lumpur for Ensenberg & Co., an international company that was packaging and sell industrial projects in the Asean region.

When Mr. Chan Kun Hong left the service of Ensenberg & Co. in 1978, after 9 years of service, he incorporated FEISCO as a private limited company and commenced full time operation as security system supplier and installer. The first transaction of the Company was a single PG35 Photo Surveillance Camera System (2 cameras + 1 control) for Kwong Yik Bank Bhd., Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Company Business Activities

The Company’s core business is supply, installa and maintain physical security equipment and electronic security equipment for financial, commercial and industrial facilities or premises. The Company is not only an equipment vendor but also a specialised installer, service and repair contractor and works as a single source, a single responsibility for total security system performance. The Company has the ability to combine electronic and physical security products into an integrated security plan customised to client’s special need.

Physical equipment

FEISCO supply, install and maintain vault doors, emergency vault ventilators, custom-built safe deposit boxes, airguard, emergency vault door, night depository system and drive-in window.

Electronic security systems

FEISCO design, adapt and integrate hardware components to fit any security needs. For instance, many technologies integrated including photo surveillance cameras, CCTV systems, access control systems, PIR-microwave detectors, remote control/reporting systems and optical fibre premises as well as perimeter fence intruder detection system. The system  configuration may range from simple stand-alone system to high-end integrated design.

Our project established facility

The company established its own production facilities to fabricate special devices/items (e.g. dedicated steel enclosure, 19″ racks, brackets and equipment consoles) use in the security system installations and make, under licence, custom-built SDB, Night Depository System and Drive-in Window System.

In addition, the Company also manufacture and market the following specialist products:-

LSWIM – Axle Weighbeam for weighing heavy goods vehicle statistically or dynamically (for axle weight limitation enforcement purposes).

HSWIM – High Speed Data Collection System of recording vehicle classification, axle load and traffic volume data without interruption of traffic flow.

Electronic Control Units c/w Software packages for LSWIM and HSWIM as well as AVC

Postman Sorting Workstation and Ergonomic Sorting Cases (for letters sorting at post offices).

Private Letter Boxes and Red Letter Boxes